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Specializing in Hotel, Resort, Attraction and Tour Sales is a travel video program search engine platform and content marketing portal for one of the tourism industry's top video production teams. We are premier producers of travel videos and tourism industry content marketing campaigns. Writer/Director, Craig Farlinger, has been producing travel programs and videos for top resorts and attractions in Canada and the USA for 26 years.

TV4Travel has been managing content marketing for Western Canada's top tourism operators, and is now expanding across Canada and into the USA. We are unique in offering top pro video production services combined with branded platform content marketing using destination video landing pages offering travelers discount direct booking.

Targeted Traffic Delivered with a 15% Discount Booking Offer

1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. Unbounce reports that including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. According to Rhythm and Insights, combining video with full webpage ads boosts engagements by 22%.

We target customers with engaging destination videos placed on all major platforms. Featured clients add coupon code “tv4travel” to their booking pages or create a special discount direct booking page. We drive qualified customer traffic to it. It’s that simple. We serve destination videos with call-to-action overlays before, during, beside and after other videos on YouTube; we program animated banner ads on the google adsense network and boost facebook posts. Direct discount video landing pages funnel customers to our clients' direct booking webpages. We deliver conversions at a fraction of the cost of mainstream media ($0.20/targeted engagement) with 100% measurable ROI.

Click here to view the video landing page for resorts in Jasper National Park.

Top Pro Video Production Talent

The high quality video production work of our Hollywood talent positions our resort, hotel, tour operator and attraction clients as best of the best in their vacation areas.

Craig Farlinger has produced 44 full length travel programs along with many short videos for top hotels and attractions.

Blanca Blandon is the travel industry’s freshest talent and rising on-camera personality.

Bob Ennis is a Disney director who shot the most commercially successful travel film of all time in circlevision360 Portraits of Canada (still playing in the Epcot Center at Disney World). We are being hired to shoot 360 degree video more and more.

Director-Craig Farlinger, Producer-Blanca Blandon, and Cinematographer-Bob Ennis
TV4Travel Creative Team

Location Video Production Fees

We charge US$7,500 plus travel expenses for location filming with a full crew, 4K cameras, 4K drone, gimbal, lighting and on-camera talent for 1.5 days of production. Included in the price is VR, stills photography and all performance rights in perpetuity. High quality production is critical. Content must be entertaining, story-driven and offer a benefit in order to achieve engagements that lead to conversions.

We shoot enough video material for a 2 minute website video and several 30 second segments in 2-4 minute destination overview videos. We also edit a 1-2 minute segment in a full length (44 minute) TV4Travel program shown on IPTV channels, sold on DVD and USB at retail and souvenir shop locations throughout North America. Everything we film at a client's location is available for them to use as royalty free, b-roll stock footage.

Monthly Content Marketing Budget

Content marketing campaigns begin at US$750 per month for a minimum of 6 months. The page views of vary according to how many clients we currently have signed up for content marketing campaigns, so we don't charge based on website statistics. Our website platform and associated social media views are free.

TV4Travel buys targeted engagements from google and facebook, and takes a 35% commission to cover the costs of monitoring google analytics, programming adwords campaigns, creating facebook posts, editing short format videos, graphic design and voiceovers. Most importantly though, TV4Travel pools the media buys of several clients to leverage extra impressions. Combining compatible clients in an overview vacation area video also improves engagements.

TV4Travel is leading the tourism industry with high quality video production combined with cost efficient and fully measurable content marketing.

Contact: Craig Farlinger
Telephone: +1 604 340 8678

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