Destination India

Fascinating India

By Busch Media Group English 90 minutes
Fascinating India 3D“ spreads an impressive panorama of India’s historical and contemporary world. The film presents the most important cities, royal residences and temple precincts. View Now

South India

By Globe Trekker English 44 minutes
Justine Shapiro travels through South India, an enchanting land of Hindu Temples, hill forts, pigeon English and vegetarianism which has become a favourite destination for your backpackers. View Now


By Globe Trekker English 52 minutes
Holly Morris travels through one of the poorest and most populated countries on the planet. It’s a tough but rewarding journey and contrary to expectations Holly discovers a country overflowing with life, culture and incredible hospitality. View Now

North India - Varanasi to the Himalayas

By Globe Trekker English 46 minutes
Traveller Andrew Daddo begins his intense journey through North India with a dawn boat trip on the holy River Ganges in Varanasi. View Now

East India

By Globe Trekker English 51 minutes
Holly Morris starts her Indian adventure in the capital of West Bengal, the bustling heaving city of Calcutta. Next she heads for the most remote region in India: the lush tropical Andaman Islands, then on to Darjeeling. View Now